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Petar Belic in visit family Djarmati

The tradition of breeding quality dogs in the family Belic began in the early years of the 19th century, when they settled in a place Zabrežje near river Sava.
In the beginning, they harbored normal sheepdogs. Later, for the purpose of keeping livestock and farm reared several generations Šarplaninac.

Petar Belic, during the nineties cherished German sheperds.Rarely had a litter, because he was not so much interested in a breeding, how for work with dogs and is mostly owned males.


Last German sheperdin kennel-Fina

Before 2 years ago was found dead the last female German shepherd in the kennel Fina. Fina has lived 14 years, Darko Belic worked with her.She never had a litter.
The story of breeding Debermanns starting brothers Darko and Zdravko Belic . Love for the Dobermann are inherited from the mother Zorice.She also comes from a family where the shepherds were grown, but she always wanted to have a Doberman.


Petar Belic with his sons Darko and Zdravko at begining with first Dobermanns

Darko Belic is a big fanatic rase.Have vision of improving the race proper preservation and exhibition Doberman temperament and working ability of dogs. Closely monitor every dog that comes from the kennel. It is a true leader of a one successful kennel.
Zdravko Belic was on the first place animal lover. Basically it like to work with dogs, very careful and precise in care and working with dogs.
One female with whom he worked is INT. CH. Ciwi Clar From Lipar Land.


INT. CH. Ciwi Clar from Lipar land

The kennel is not a commercial type, and it never does have much dogs. Selection is done and leaves only the best dogs that will be important for further breeding. Females mate only with proven bridingdogs who possess the appropriate health tests. Darko does not matter that females mate with dogs that are current at the time and who are easy to sell puppies, but search dogs and the genetic type of match for females.And because it’s not uncommon to have an average of 2 dogs get a top and finest examples.
The kennel does not have many litters of only 2-3 litters per year.
Dogs from the kennel to go up regularly in exhibitions across Europe and achieved significant results.


CH Danadella Qvirina v Belic house

Each puppy comes with a new owner with the necessary documentation and health guarantee.
Belic house has a dog in Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Libya, Croatia, Hungary, America, Canada, Kuwait … Usually when people buy a puppy from the kennel make decisions for second one.
Paragraph kennel that is always willing to cooperate with everyone in order to improve the race!!!

After spending many years in cynology meet many people and the right friends.Man which without kennel probably would not have been so successful, whose ideals and follow the advice  always happy to accept is Boban Radosavljevic-Cobra kennel.



All this would not be so interesting that there are no real friends that we met over the years and which we must mention:

Katarina-Cobra kennel
Vera i Goran-Lipar land kennel
Dordjevski Sasa-Qrazy Baker kennel
Milosevic dejan-Unreachables kennel
Sasa Milanovic-Best of Milano kennel
Malbasa Dejan-Altobello kennel
Salov Laslo-Telep kennel
Zivko i Dragan-Lipov lad kenel
Mahmut Al Dagistani



Prote Mateje Nenadovic 23, 11500 Obrenovac/ Belgrade- Serbia


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